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Our English and maths booster tuition is aimed at Year 4 & 5 students who intend to sit the 11+ entrance exams for local grammar schools.

We aim to make your child/ren feel more comfortable and able taking the entrance exams, recognising that it can be daunting for some – especially those who may not necessarily have had prior experience of  test situations. Especially designed to give a short boost to current knowledge, these sessions are ideal for children who  may not have had access to specific tutoring for this in the past and/or need an additional push in certain areas.

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• Verbal Reasoning:  Critical thinking ability; a child using their own knowledge to solve a problem.

• Non-Verbal Reasoning: Problem solving using pictures and diagrams and analysing visual information

• English Comprehension: Reading for “gist” and detail, understanding the question, answering the question correctly with enough detail. Reading ‘between the lines’.

• English Essay:Grammar, punctuation, planning, creative writing, paragraphs, linking ideas, descriptive language, persuasive writing, develop a writing style and creating a setting/atmosphere.

• Mathematics: Based on the Key Stage 2 curriculum, we stretch the children each week to understand the logic behind the questions. 

• Other: Vocabulary building, spelling, punctuation and grammar and exam techniques.

Our small groups are priced at just £150 for 4 sessions (8 hours) and are tutored by our qualified and experienced tutors in our well-equipped classrooms.

If you have any further questions, please email curriculum@suttoncollege.ac.uk

Book your Child on a Booster Course 

Terms & Conditions

  • Children must be in Years 4 or 5 to attend unless otherwise expressly agreed with College staff.
  • Children must be signed in with the tutor upon arrival and signed out for at end of session.
  • Tutors should be notified at drop off if someone different will be picking the child up at the end of the session.
  • Emergency contact numbers x 2 must be provided upon registration.
  • By enrolling you agree to collect your child at the specified finish time of the session and agree to pay late collection charges of £10 per 10 minutes late thereafter eg any child collected 10 minutes late will be charged £10, any child collected 20 minutes late will be charged £20 etc
  • Children should not attend sessions if unwell or on any medication and medication may not be administered by Sutton College staff.
  • Should a child become unwell during a session, emergency contacts will be called and the child must be collected as soon as possible.
  • Emergency contacts will also be called should a child become disruptive to the session or an incident requiring first aid has taken place.
  • Sutton College have a first aider on site at all times and in the event of a serious first aid incident, the emergency services will be called and the child’s nominated emergency contact notified immediately. Please note that all Sutton College first aiders have been trained in general first aid, not specifically paediatric first aid but suitable first aid provision will be in place.
  • Photographs may be taken for future College publicity uses –please let the tutor know if you do not wish your child to be included in these photographs.
  • Sutton College reserves the right to cancel, combine or re-schedule courses or to make changes to course details advertised including cost, location, content and tutor. Courses must be viable in order to run and may be cancelled by the College if minimum numbers are not met. The College will offer to transfer students to an appropriate alternative in this case. Early enrolment is advisable to ensure that the course of your choice runs.
  • Full details of all College policies can be found at www.suttoncollege.ac.uk
  • Changes to enrolments can only be made with express consent of College staff.
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