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Dates: 21/09/22 - 14/12/22
Days: Wednesday 13:00 - 15:30
Sessions: 12
Centre: Sutton - Sutton
Course Code: S31002G09AV
Fees: Standard - £250.00
Concessionary - £250.00

Course Information

Learning Aim: Z0001805

This course is suitable for students with no previous experience of calligraphy as well as those with some experience.

Purpose of Course

The focus of this course is to write beautifully with a broad edged dip pen and produce a piece of artwork.

You will start with Foundational hand or Roman minuscule. New students will study the letterforms step by step, the structure of the letterforms, family groups, spacing, monoline forms, with double pencils, words exercises and write out the text in various sizes. You will also learn how to choose and use the basic materials to be able to write beautifully. 

The course covers basic layout and design, colour theory, experiment of gilding or simple decoration. At the end of the course you will be able to make a small card or small piece of work

Returning students will be reminded of those fundamental knowledge and skills and will be helped develop further. You will study variations, further decorations or you can study other styles of writing such as Italic or Uncials. You can work on your own projects with consultation with the tutor.

On this course, you will develop the following life skills

Mental Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

Some English Skills

Some Maths Skills

Some Digital Skills

Confidence building

What level is this course & what skills do I need?

All levels.

Students should be able to follow simple written and verbal instructions in English. The course includes simple calculations and measurements. Students also need very basic IT skills to be able to access google classroom.

Is a course approval interview/assessment required?


Additional information

For your first session -

Returning students will need your own usual calligraphy materials.

New students will need,

HB pencil and eraser

A3 Layout pad

Usual calligraphy materials if you have. If you do not have, you do not need to buy beforehand.

You will need to buy your own materials such as papers, a penholder, nibs and inks/paints. Further materials required will be discussed on the first day.

Some work between the sessions would be desirable.

What are the progression opportunities at the end of this course?

You can continue the course to develop your skills further.

You may wish to try qualifications or further study courses run by calligraphy societies such as :

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