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Dates: 15/01/22 - 02/04/22
Days: Saturday 09:15 - 10:15
Sessions: 11
Centre: Sutton - Sutton
Course Code: S60007F09JV
Fees: Standard - £176.00
Concessionary - £176.00

Course Information

Changes may need to be made to this course if Government Covid-19 guidance results in restrictions being placed on the College, for example an on-site course could be moved online. If it is not possible to move a class online, refunds may be issued in line with College policy. We will inform students as soon as practicable should any changes to this course be required.

Learning Aim: Z0001854

Learn new music in a group setting to develop your confidence.

Join a friendly group of musically-minded people to broaden your experience and develop your confidence in guitar playing. Explore different genres, play in a group setting, share your skills. This is a group class and you will be playing together in a supportive and encouraging environment.

Purpose of Course

Play more advanced Chords: for example, minor 7ths, 9th new shapes.

Recognise and replicate different rhythm and strum patterns from basic to more complicated.

Further develop your finger patterns: play more complicated patterns at speed.

Play intro melodies from TAB.

Further refine your ear to develop your playing and practice.

On this course, you will develop the following life skills

Mental Wellbeing

Social Wellbeing

Confidence building

What level is this course & what skills do I need?

The Guitar Rock & Pop Electric and Acoustic Improvers’ course is most suitable for those who have completed 3 terms of the Beginners course previously at Sutton College, or similar experience and knowledge of playing the guitar through another external provider.

It is imperative that you have access to a guitar to be able to commit to regular practice at home each week.

It is recommended that you have a little experience reading TAB.

Is a course approval interview/assessment required?


Additional information

You will need to bring:

Guitar (electric or acoustic)

If you bring an electric or electro-acoustic guitar please bring a lead

Please bring a tuner if you have one

Note pad / Paper and pencil are necessary to take notes

What are the progression opportunities at the end of this course?

Students return to this course to expand their repertoire and further develop their skills through new music. Opportunities to perform for peers at the end of each term instil confidence to play in social settings outside the college.

Progression to the advanced class is available for those who have time to commit to a challenge.

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