English and Maths Student Quotes

“Maths and English course was very good. It help me lot. The teacher is very good and friendly.”

“An essential course regardless of one’s working experience. Very broad structure and information. In my case, a good refresher course.”

“This course has been really good and benefited me a lot. Met new people that have been really nice towards one another, and the tutor was really nice and helpful too.”

“I hope that I was a good student and I want to learn as much as is possible. I wanted to attend all the classes and we have a great teacher.”

“This is a genuine assessment of how I feel about the entire course. There were a number of areas that exceeded my expectations, and every part of the project activity was worthwhile. I am very pleased to have attended, and wish to extend my hearty thanks to all those that made it possible, and wish to express special thanks towards our tutor.”

“I am very happy with the course and my progress. I hope that I can attend next year and continue to improve my reading and spelling.”

“I cannot thank the tutor enough for all her help. A very helpful and wise tutor. She made the classes fun and could not do enough to help her students in or out of the class.”

“I had such fun, learned so much, felt so supported. Such a positive experience.”

“The course exceeded my expectations and my tutor was amazing and highly dedicated to her students. She has a fantastic teaching style and really breaks down maths so that the most difficult of subjects become simple, this is a real skill and is not something that can easily be done.”

“The tutor is a very good maths teacher. I was able to understand almost everything he covered in class, as he never grew tired of explaining and breaking down the rules /formulas. Without trying, he made me laugh with the clever way he incorporated the teaching of maths with everyday life.”

“I have really enjoyed the course my tutor has been really great and could not through this without her help.”

“I am coming back in September to carry on as I want to carry on with my course as it helps me and my boys with their homework.”

“Feel so much better within myself and can’t wait to come back and learn more to help my skills better. Have had a lot of support from my tutor she was very helpfully and very understanding. Thank you very much and see you all in September.”

“Enjoyed the course coming back this year. Hazel is good really helped me.”

“I should have done this a long time ago.”

“I have enjoyed this course very much and the teacher has been excellent and very helpful and I have learned a lot.”

“I found this course perfect for me, the tutor was very helpful and patient with me, very encouraging to carry on my learning.”

“Really have enjoyed this course! Felt very supported and I am so so glad I have learned the basics before taking the GCSE. I feel much more confident now.”

“I’ve achieved a lot by doing this course, I want to go on the next course next term, I’m pleased with Sutton College all round.”

“I’m glad I done this course, I’ve improved so much.”

“I love the course and cannot what for the next one.”

“The tutor was good at her job and pushed you to go further. I do another maths course on a Wednesday and I think she is a better teacher or she’s better at what she’s doing, so all round excellent.”

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