Family Learning Programme

Please find below information for schools, Children’s Centres, libraries and other partners who may be interested in working together to promote Family Learning in the local area.

The courses listed below are:

  • Aimed at parents/carers of EYFS, KS1, KS2 or KS3 children, unless otherwise stated
  • Flexible both in length and breadth of subject
  • Can be tailored to the needs of families
  • Aimed at parents/carers, plus their children – wherever practical

Priority will be given to partners in areas of high deprivation and/or to those who plan to engage our target families (including less confident learners, those with lower levels of English and maths skills, EAL families, parent /child with disabilities and/or additional needs, lone parents and families on low incomes).

Family Language (aimed at parents/carers with English as an Additional Language)

Family Language and supporting your child

  • Understand how their child learns
  • Learn some language relating to the school system
  • Improve their own English Language skills and become more confident speakers

Education in England Workshop: for EAL parents/carers with child/ren ages 3+ (ADULTS ONLY)

  • Find out how the education system works in England
  • Find out how to communicate with the relevant school
  • Find out about longer courses to help improve their English and help them support their child(ren) at school

Also: Family Language Arts and Crafts

Family English and Maths

‘Keeping up with the Children’

Helps parents and carers to support their children’s English and maths:

  • Provide information about what and how their children are learning and sharing ideas for activities to do at home
  • Improve the English, maths and IT skills of parents/carers and their children
  • Provide opportunities for learners to work towards accreditation and national qualifications on some courses with signposting to further progression and Sutton College courses

Enjoy English / Love Literacy

Aimed at parents/carers of KS1, KS2 or KS3 children to:

  • Learn how their child learns English at school & improve their own English skills
  • Learn/create some English Literacy games and activities to play at home

Little Learners (EYFS) English and/or Maths

Aimed at parents/grandparents or carers with under 5s to:

  • Explore how their child learns and develop fun activities to help learning at home
  • Improve their own English and/or maths skills

Little Learners (EYFS) Rhyme, Make & Play 

Aimed at parents/ carers with under-5s to:

  • Learn how popular children’s songs, poems and nursery rhymes can help with phonics and English/literacy
  • Build their own knowledge and confidence in phonics and literacy
  • Try out ideas for crafts and games to play with their child, to support their learning in school and at home

Creative Writing for Parents’ and Carers’ Wellbeing (ADULTS ONLY)

  • Try out ideas for writing poems, stories and drama
  • Safe and supportive classes
  • Suitable for all levels, including beginners

Family: Fantastic Phonics Workshop (ADULTS ONLY)

Helps parents/ carers to support their children’s phonic development:

  • Provide information about how their children are learning phonics and share activities to support their learning
  • Understand the importance of phonics in reading and writing
  • Provide information regarding the statutory Phonics Screening Test undertaken by all children at the end of Year 1.

English Key Stage 1 National Curriculum Test (KS1 SATs) Workshop (ADULTS ONLY)

Helps parents and carers to support their children’s preparation for the KS1 SATs in English held in Year 2:

  • Provide information about the format, content and assessment of the KS1 SATs
  • Share ideas for activities to do at home to help their children prepare for the English KS1 tests.

English Key Stage 2 National Curriculum (KS2 SATs) Workshop (ADULTS ONLY)

Helps parents and carers to support their children’s preparation for the KS2 SATs in English held in Year 6; Content as above.

Steps to Pre-School/Nursery

  • Familiarise parents with the new setting
  • Understand how the child’s learning links to EYFS
  • Explore ways to develop independent skills through routines, dressing and teeth cleaning
  • Find out about the importance of learning through play
  • Identify ways to develop good eating habits and choices

Transition from Nursery to Primary School

This course help parents and carers to support their children’s transition in terms of English/literacy:

  • Ensure parents understand and can help their children through the process of transition
  • Familiarise parents with the new setting and English curriculum
  • Give parents insight into their children’s English timetable, assessment and approach to homework
  • Help parents to support their children’s literacy both at home and at school.


  • Learn how their child learns maths at school and improve their own maths skills
  • Learn/create some maths games and activities to play at home

Maths courses/workshops include ‘Mathstastics: ‘How to improve your Child’s Maths’; ‘Fun with Numbers’; ‘Maths is Everywhere ( for parents and carers and their child aged 2+)

Money Smart

  • Designed to build financial capability and support parents and KS1, KS2 children to develop positive money habits
  • Enhance topics within the national curriculum

Improve your Employability Skills: Workshops (ADULTS ONLY)

These workshops are aimed at gaining skills that will assist with employment. A short part of the session can also be used to promote family English/literacy at home. Workshops include:

  • CV Writing Tips
  • Application form filling & letter writing
  • Tips for a successful job interview

Keeping your child safe online

Available as a workshop or short course for parents/carers only

Tailored to KS1, KS2 or KS3 children:

  • Recognise and understand the dangers for their child online
  • Identify a range of ways of keeping them safe
  • Develop an action plan – what to do if things go wrong
  • Receive guidance on useful resources

Wider Family Learning Courses:

Provide a wealth of easily managed activities which are not costly to share at home to encourage learning and development.

  • Intended for mums, dads, grandparents, carers and their children to learn together in a supportive and friendly atmosphere
  • Develop the skills and knowledge of both the family adults and child participants
  • Enable parents/carers to learn how to support their children’s learning, understand the impact of that support and develop their skills and knowledge
  • All courses have signposting to further family and mainstream courses

Understanding Children’s Behaviour (ADULTS ONLY)

  • Identify different types of behaviour
  • How the use of routines and praise can encourage positive behaviour
  • Explore strategies for dealing with difficult behaviour

Basic First Aid: Save a Child’s Life

  • Learn what to do in an emergency
  • How to prevent choking
  • The recovery position
  • and more!

Family Resilience (ADULTS ONLY)

  • What is meant by the term resilience
  • Factors that contribute to resilience
  • Coping Behaviours and responses
  • Activities to develop resilience
  • Building and accessing support networks

Wider family learning courses also include:

  • Encouraging children to eat/fussy eaters
  • Drama for Relaxation
  • Make Your Own Memory Book
  • Creative Dance Workshop
  • Flamenco Song and Dance
  • Arts and Crafts from around the world
  • Seasonal Crafts
  • Sensory play activities for babies and young children
  • Spanish for the Family
  • Playtime with your child workshops
  • Baby Sing, Sign and Music
  • Relaxation Techniques for Mums/Dads and Children

Pupil Premium

The Government continues to fund Family Learning but this funding is a contribution not the full cost and funding guidance indicates that partners in Family Learning activity may be required to share the cost where appropriate; for schools who receive ‘Pupil Premium Grants’; we would like to suggest a voluntary contribution of £10 per hour towards the tutor salary. (It does not include on-costs and administration costs and schools will not be asked to contribute towards this.)

In addition a small number of courses may also be open to non-priority schools and settings where a charge for delivery will be made; this will provide further financial contribution to support all Family Learning activities across the Borough.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with enquiries or ideas for new projects that you would like to get started.

Please email

Or contact Sutton College on 020 8289 4700

Thank you in advance for your continuing support and partnership

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