11 June 2010- Kiara Training College 4th Anniversary

13 June 2010

What a nice way to end a busy week. I arrived at Vestry Hall and was welcomed by Endi Ezengwa– Principal and Director of Kiara Training College. I know Endi from the Nework of Black Professionals and when my Principalship was announced at the network we thought it would be a good idea to touch base after settling into the role.

Staff from Kiara Training College did Endi proud. The room had been set up to perfection and attentive colleagues welcomed the guests that ranged from the Deputy Mayor of Merton. Cllr Margaret Brierly and council officials, to students and graduates of the college and members of the community who have grown fond of Endi and have been inspired by his passion for the work he does so well.

Kiara Training College is an Equal Opportunities employer specialising in providing well-trained staff for health and social care establishments in the UK including: those catering for needs of older people with symptoms of dementia; people with mental health support needs; people with learning disabilities; people requiring a culturally tailored service; as well as providing placements for students seeking experience. One of their main objectives as a community interest company who seek to provide individual support for vulnerable people in the community is to provide help and support for carers in the UK. For more information please see http://www.activesupporotandcare.org/.

The evening was packed with music, singing, the very entertaining MC’s jokes and interjections and most importantly the presentation of awards to a sample group of learners representing their groups. This was a great event and I left for home proud to know Endi and his colleagues and to have had the opportunity to learn a bit more about the work that he does. Well done to Kiara Training College and its staff and students.

Saboohi Famili-Principal

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