12 July 2010- Dog Clicker Training

19 July 2010

Bright and early this morning I had a visit from Sandra from DOGS (Dogs and Owners Guidance School) http://www.dogsandownersguidanceschool.co.uk/ who came to train the dogs how to respond to the sound of a ‘clicker’. I think it was more for me to learn how to use the clicker with my little puppy Lilia. It was great to have Molly the 2 year old Jack Russel of Barbara Eayrs there too.
After an hour of clickering and feeding the dogs lots of treats they were both alert and we were somewhat proud of how they responded to the training. Highly recommended.
At the end of the session we discussed an exciting opportunity for an open day in September in the form of a fair. I am very excited about this and will keep you posted. Watch this space….

Saboohi Famili – Principal

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