21 June 2010- Vuvuzelas!

21 June 2010

Today I spent some time with students at the Wallington Centre, a newly refurbished Townhall which is bright, well equipped and well used.
I was invited to visit Edna Southey and her students. They were on a Skills for Life programme with an aim to learn to read and write. It was great to see their progress and listen to them read.
One of the passages that they read was to do with the football world cup. I even learnt a word myself. The Vuvuzelas – the noisy annoying horns – were the subject of one of the reading texts. I took great pleasure in reading this with Charity and Gloria, two students from the group.
I set a task for the group to write a passage about what they like about SCOLA. I look forward to reading these soon.
Yet another example of how SCOLA makes a difference in people’s lives. A great group with a wonderful teacher! What a wonderful way to start the week.
Popping into various classes that were taking place I met with Sharon Tabb who was working with a group of students on developing work skills. The students are on a 2 year course and completing their first year. Edith Puckett was working with a group of students on citizenship. All groups welcomed a short visit to the class and I enjoyed talking to them. I also visited Karen Corfield and her students in the beauty department who were timing how long it took them to do a manicure – this was part of a mock exam to help get the students ready for their exams which start week commencing 12th July.

Saboohi Famili- Principal
P.S. note of warning: Don’t ask Chris Jackson – Programme Manager, Skills for Life English & Maths – how his trip to work this morning was. Having to face the Wimbledon traffic for the next two weeks he will not be a happy bunny!

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