27 July 2011 – Blog That Book Project

27 July 2011

This Skills for Life project entitled ‘Blog that Book’ encouraged students to write a review of a book that they had read on a monthly SfL blog. This project needed some incentives to get it started BUT students enjoyed it (much to their surprise I think) and one tutor has already commented that one of her students is already reading and drafting her blogs for next year – fantastic! Student comments we have received are:

“…the first book that I have ever read from start to finish in my life”
“I read this big book and it gave me confidence and enthusiasm with 445 pages and it is so interesting. I want to read more books rather than watch T.V.”
“The book excited me and when I told my husband and children around the dinner table, they said, it was as though I was there.”
“…I wanted to read more and more of this book”
“… now I can read that helps me with my college work and it gives me confidence to read books. Now I know how to write a book review, that makes me happy.”
“I loved The Dare so much that I’m going to read his other five novels.”

This project has improved student’s confidence in their reading, writing skills and style, as well as increased their confidence in the use of ICT. For non-library users it has promoted an active interest in libraries, and has also encouraged their imagination and creativity!

Well done!

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