29 November 2010- Flying to the sunshine

2 December 2010

One of the advantages of booking things online is that you can do this anytime of the day or night. After a few hectic weeks in Oct and Nov I felt it was time to recharge my batteries. Looking for a short break at midnight resulted in bagging a very reasonable holiday to Gran Canaria. If you haven’t been it is worth a visit. The most facinating aspect of the trip was meeting a gentleman in his mid 70’s at the Bay of Mogan who epitomised what we are doing at SCOLA. He was on a bench by the sea listening to his music and chatting with friends online. When I curiously asked him what he was doing he said he co-ordinates various talks through Skype for those who are interested in world music. He continued to explain that he had been an IT novice a few years back and recently had learnt how to use Skype by attending a short class at his local community church. He said he cannot remember how he got in touch with his friends across the world before. He said: “I can now be anywhere in the world and still keep in touch and for free. Isn’t it Marvellous!” I said, “Marvellous indeed” and walking away from him I thought how technology has changed the way generations think and interact. On the flight back I was thinking we should run and iPad club. With Christmas approaching many lucky people will receive an iPad as a gift and would need to learn how to use it. My mum is on the list waiting to see if Santa thinks she has been a good girl this year or not. I should check with Rita, her excellent Flower Arrangement tutor, who she speaks very highly of! Considering she is 79 and so very active she ought to be in Santa’s good books….

Saboohi Famili – Principal

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