Drawing by Candlelight Exhibition

17 March 2017

Inspired by the peaceful environment of St. Nicholas’ Church, students from Sutton College have taken the ‘Candle’ series of paintings by Gerhard Richter as a starting point to create simple compositions in order to explore the tradition of Chiaroscuro.

For each project, the students worked in the church using the drawing and painting technique developed during the Renaissance which uses strong tonal contrasts between light and dark to model three-dimensional forms, often to dramatic effect. These drawings have been developed without the use of outlines and this technique evokes the soft light & reflective forms looming out of the darkness. The evocation of candlelight shows the great intimacy that can be achieved through drawing and experimentation with mediums such as Chalk, Charcoal and Conte.

Jeff Richards, Reader at St Nicholas, Sutton Team Ministry said “As Sutton’s parish church, St Nicholas was pleased to have been able to welcome the students for the course as they created these wonderful works of art.  We are delighted to host this exhibition and look forward to working with Sutton College on other projects to further their teaching work and develop the artistic and creative life of Sutton.”

The drawings form part of an exhibition at St Nicholas Church, St Nicholas Way this month.
Open Evening Thursday 23 March 6pm–8pm plus drop in on Friday 24th, Monday 27th or Friday 31st March from 12noon–2pm at St Nicholas Church.

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