ESOL students get sustainably crafting with tetra packs!

6 April 2023

Easter Tetra Basket

One of our English Language ESOL classes has been studying the environment, the planet and sustainability recently.

As a class enrichment project, a workshop was organised with Sutton College tutor Ian Willey, who specialises in DIY, Woodwork and also runs sustainable workshops and courses.

Tutor Arleta Drewniak-Davis has been teaching the students advanced vocabulary and future tenses to predict the future (Future Continuous and Future Perfect) and to link in the sustainability aspect the class had been discussing topics of great importance (practicing exam skills) and attempted to come up with some solutions. Talking about how they could help tackle climate change gave students the opportunity to work on the speaking aspect of the course.

During the session with tutor Ian they learned how to weave and make baskets and storage items from Tetra Pak carton. The students all enjoyed the project and were very proud of the environmentally friendly baskets that they made!

Easter Tetra Basket

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