Art, Design and Photography Student Quotes

“I have really enjoyed this course. You cannot help but learn and one was constantly made to feel you was an artist making good progress. You were never made to feel useless, and this says a lot for our Tutor. It’s a shame that the time passed so quickly.”

“Very friendly and helpful course. Was very eager to get started with painting but never had the scope to start. This course has given me the motivation to start drawing and painting. Looking forward to the next course.”

“We are so lucky to have this course and these teachers – they are very generous in their teaching and an unending source of advice, encouragement and inspiration.”

“I am very happy with this course and will apply for next year’s course. It is a very friendly class – every body is so cheerful. The tutor is the best tutor I have ever had and it is thanks to her that I have achieved so much.”

“Very enthusiastic and very inspiring teaching. Highly conducive to learning new techniques.”

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