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Take a look at the list of courses in our History and Creative Writing Department where we are sure you will find something to inspire and intrigue you…… and maybe ignite your imagination!

 You may want to develop your creative writing skills and start work on the novel or poem that you have somewhere inside you. Perhaps you are keen to learn more about significant periods in world history and the key figures of those times. Whatever you choose, you will benefit from the considerable knowledge of our experienced tutors, all experts in their field and passionate about their subject area.

Our successful ‘History Club’ series of weekly talks continue covering figures such as Cleopatra, Charles II, James II and Marilyn Monroe. Other talks will look at significant periods and events including the Norman Conquest, Witch Hunting in Early Modern Scotland,  Women’s Suffrage, and the Cuban Revolution. With an eclectic mix of around 40 different two-hour talks over the year, we are confident you will find something that will spark your interest!

In addition to the History Club, we’ve added a ‘Global History Club’, which looks at wider processes in World History, covering things from the origins of humanity to the Cold War! These talks will cover topics such as the Silk Road, the spread of Christianity and Islam, colonialism, race, gender, migration, and more! We’ll try to make sense of human history in over 30 different talks throughout the year!
Another new addition is our ‘Historic Cities’ series, which will explore the histories of various world cities, from London, Paris, and Rome, through Jerusalem, Bangkok, and Tokyo, to San Francisco, Sydney, and Singapore, and more!

There is also our Art History Club series of two-hour, weekly talks. Again, these talks cover diverse areas and events in Art History, including the Harlem Renaissance, German Expressionism, Art Deco, photography, Art Nouveau and more.

There are several Creative Writing courses to choose from, catering for the beginner to those who have been writing for many years. You will look in-depth at styles, genres, and techniques to help develop your work.

As part of our ‘Wellbeing’ series, we also offer Creative Writing courses that recognise the benefits that engaging with creative writing can have on our mental health. Furthermore, there are courses specifically designed to help people find their voice as a writer and to give advice on how to get your work published.

Join us on a course soon and get inspired!

Full course listings can be found at https://www.suttoncollege.ac.uk/category/culture-history-writing/

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