Help with Fees

Learner Support Fund (LSF)

for accredited (examinable) courses

Applications for help with funding will be considered by a Panel towards the cost of tuition and exam fees, childcare, books, materials, and occasionally for travel.

A contribution of 40% of the total cost of fees will be expected from the student.

Applicants may apply for a maximum of £300 per academic year. This amount may be exceeded at the Panel’s discretion in the case of childcare applications.  It should be noted that funds are limited, and some applicants may be unsuccessful.


The Fund is available as follows:

Tuition and Exam fees

A contribution towards the cost of the full fee may be available for students who are not eligible for fee remission, and who can provide proof of entitlement to benefits or proof of a low income. The fees are paid directly on the student’s behalf.   Evidence of financial status will be required at the time of application in the form of up-to-date proof of salary or current account bank statement.


Paid directly to an OFSTED registered childcare provider on the student’s behalf. Priority will be given to students attending Level 2 GCSE English and Maths.

Materials, books, equipment

Students may apply for financial help on production of receipts.


Assistance may be given in certain cases towards the cost of travel by public transport (or equivalent cost if student is using their own car), provided a student cannot study for the same course nearer to their home. Payment will be made on production of receipts.


An attendance rate of at least 85% is expected from students who are granted funding.

Additional information:

The Panel will prioritize applications for courses which lead to a qualification or employment opportunity.

Students wishing to continue the same subject for one year to the next must show progression; funding will not normally be awarded to repeat the same level in the same subject.

Student who apply for funding from both the LSF and the College Support Fund are limited to a maximum of two subjects.


Eligibility Criteria

Details of the eligibility criteria are listed on the application form.

Age Eligibility:

For accredited courses, students under 16 years are not eligible for help with funding.

The Education & Skills Funding Agency guidance states that the Learner Support Fund is only available to adult Asylum Seekers in limited circumstances.

Download LSF Application Form

The fully completed application form and attachments should be forwarded to:
Student Support Administrator, Sutton College, St Nicholas Way, Sutton, SM1 1EA.


College Support Fund

for non-accredited (non- examinable) courses

The College Support Fund is available for help on the full tuition fee and for students who can demonstrate financial hardship. Applications are limited to a maximum of two courses in one academic year, with a maximum amount available of £150. A contribution of 40% of the total fee is expected from the student.

Priority will be given to applicants who can demonstrate that attendance on the course will benefit their wellbeing; for therapeutic reasons; or that attendance will contribute towards employment.

An attendance rate of at least 85% is expected from students receiving funding.

Download Sutton College Support Fund Application Form


Advanced Loans Bursary Fund

The Fund is available for learners aged 19+ who have taken out a loan from the Advanced Loans Bursary Fund to cover the cost of courses at Level 3 and above.

The Fund is available for additional costs such as childcare while studying, as well as books, professional membership, registration fees or any equipment required for the course where these costs are not included in the tuition fee. Childcare

Written evidence of entitlement to state benefit or low income dated within the last six months will be required at the time of application.

Download Sutton College Advanced Bursary Loan Application Form

For more information contact Janice Scott – Student Support Administrator on 020 8405 7025 or email

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