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Exercise and Sport Classes at Sutton College

Learn how to stay fit and healthy on one of our Fitness and Dance courses. Our classes will inspire and motivate you, boost your energy levels and mood and assist in maintaining or improving your physical and mental wellbeing. All levels of fitness and experience are welcome and our team of experienced and dedicated tutors will ensure that our learning programmes are accessible to everyone.

Courses to keep you active include Badminton, Yoga and Meditation and Taiji Qigong plus Dance courses including Flamenco, Ballet, Contemporary Dance, Bollywood Dance and Soul Line Dance will also allow you to express yourself through performance both in class and at college and community events if you wish.

Our programme has been extended to include some fantastic new opportunities this year such as lunchtime workouts to your favourite music from the 60s to the 90s. We are also introducing industry standard courses for those wishing to train to teach Pilates and Yoga, either as a career change or as an addition to their current line of work.

While all our courses are designed to promote wellbeing and social inclusion we also offer a suite of Mental Wellbeing Courses which includes Exercise for Mental Wellbeing. These courses provide more individualised tuition and support with the aim of improving the quality of life for students experiencing mental health issues.

There are so many classes and ways to help you look after your fitness, health and wellbeing so sign up to try something new today!

Other courses in 21-22 include:

Kick Start your Weight Loss

If you are worried about the health implications of being overweight and want to be more active, if you lack motivation or self-confidence or if you have tried classes in the past but felt too self-conscious or intimidated to continue, this new course could be for you. Intended to be a safe, supportive and enjoyable way to incorporate more movement into your life this course can help towards your goal of reaching and maintaining a healthier weight. 

Exploring Contemporary Dance 

Contemporary dance can be creative, expressive, dynamic, playful and liberating and can help improve posture, balance, concentration, confidence and general fitness.

Exploring Contemporary Dance is a fun and relaxed technique course that draws on the fundamental principles of Limon and Release contemporary dance techniques and ballet.  On this course you will explore the use of breath and the spine to initiate movement and implement the principles of suspension, fall and recovery, travelling and elevation.


Did you know that ballet can help develop coordination, muscular strength, balance skills, postural alignment, flexibility, and breathing technique? All this in addition to performance skills and personal expression!

You can start your ballet journey on this course or further your knowledge of classical ballet and gain an increased understanding of the basic principles of the discipline. You will learn and develop classical ballet barre and centre exercises and also learn a classical variation from a piece of ballet repertoire.

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