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Learning Photography is a fulfilling activity.  From understanding the basics of your camera’s functionality to explore, view and present your world in a new way or building a whole new exciting career; Sutton College has a course that will help you to achieve this. 

Sutton College’s Photography Department is built on feedback from learners who want to enjoy their cameras; produce lasting, tangible memories or join an industry where there is a high demand for skilled photographers. 

There is a fully equipped photographic studio based in the heart of Sutton where there are a number of courses taught throughout the year, weekdays, morning, afternoon, evening, on Saturday mornings and online.

There are a range of courses available in the 21-22 academic year for hobbyists, beginners, career and advanced photographers.  Most courses include Adobe Lightroom as a module. Learners* benefit from free access to Adobe Creative Cloud for the duration of their course and have the ability to purchase an additional 6 months access at a much reduced rate. 

Our expert photography teachers are award winning individuals with years of teaching and industry experience.  Their flair, and creativity is infectious, and learners are able to soak this in and achieve personal goals.

Courses typically start termly starting with the accredited courses in September at levels 1, 2 and 3 as well as the popular Beginners Course.  Some courses have fast track options for those who are faster learners or have less time available.  We then offer a selection of targeted workshops starting with Weddings and Adobe Lightroom, and other specialist courses such as Street Photography and courses on specific locations.

Learners and former learners are offered enrichment opportunities throughout the year working with charities, businesses, and media to hone skills, build confidence and experience whilst enhancing portfolios.  Much of the teaching and learning is carried out on location, capitalising on different events from the UK events calendar or by invitation. 

At whatever stage you start with our Photography Department there is something else for you to move on to as we introduce new programmes throughout the year.

Courses in 21-22 include: 

Photography Level 1 Certificate – Start a career in photography here.  You will gain a qualification and learn the techniques needed to build an academic career in photography.  This course offers a solid start that will be very rewarding and will be a motivating factor for moving on to do the Level 2 and level 3 courses.

Wedding Photography with Adobe Lightroom – This course is for all skill levels.  Learn how to make wedding pictures; capture the drama and atmosphere of the day.

Photography Level 3 – This course is for the prospective professional photographer wanting to go on to work at the highest levels within the industry; to teach or start your own business.  This course is an investment in a career that will repay many-fold.

Photography for Entrepreneurs – If you want to start your own photography business working from home or a premises, you want to learn the techniques and gain the business knowledge and you need to do this in a short space of time, this course is for you.  This is a fast-paced course for the business entrepreneur. You will learn additional photography approaches alongside how to run a business; accounting, taxation, buying, marketing and pricing.

*On courses of more than 8 weeks


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