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Sutton College has a long-established ESOL department which has served the needs of the local community for many years. ESOL means English for Speakers of Other Languages and the classes are open to everyone whose first language is not English. Our classes support learners at every level, from beginners to advanced, in achieving their goals, whether they are to help children with their schoolwork, integrate into the community, gain confidence, find a job or achieve a promotion.

We offer courses at a variety of times and locations, including online, in order for students to find a time that suits them. Our classes are held at both the Sutton centre and for Entry 2 and above there is an option to study online. They take place at various times in the morning, afternoon and evening. Most courses run twice a week.

We offer ESOL courses from beginner (Pre-Entry) to advanced (Level 2) and students have the opportunity of working towards a recognised qualification with Trinity College London in reading, writing and speaking and listening. We also offer ESOL with Digital Skills.

After completing your ESOL course you can progress further ESOL courses in the department or, depending on your level, move onto different courses within the college.

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Please follow the process below to book your appointment: 

  1. Please book an appointment  to speak to an ESOL assessor.
    The call  will last approx 10 minutes. We need to speak to you, although you may like to have a friend or family member to help you.
  2. After booking an appointment, you will receive a confirmation email from the college with links to assessments you must complete and submit BEFORE your appointment. It is important to complete the writing and grammar assessments yourself, without any help so we can find the most suitable class for you.
  3. An ESOL teacher/assessor will contact you at the time/date you chose. You may be called at any time during this slot. Please be available for the entire hour as we may not be able to call you back later. If you cannot receive the call or want to cancel your appointment, please contact
  4. During your conversation with the teacher,  we will discuss your course options and agree on the best course for you. Please note that we may not be able to offer our full programme of study face to face, so we  may offer you an online course.
  5. You will then receive an email with your course details and instructions on how to enrol for your course(s)

If your class is online, you will have live/video classes with your teacher and your classmates via Google Meet. You will also be able to access class materials and homework on Google Classroom. Log in details will be sent to you once you have enrolled on your course(s).

We look forward to welcoming and supporting you with your English studies at Sutton College in the new academic year.

GCSE English Language

Functional Skills English

English for Speakers of other languages (ESOL)

• Do you already have a good grasp of English but need to improve your knowledge of English to help you with your current job, future job or further studies?

• Do you have a genuine interest in exploring the way language is used?

• Do you have an interest in studying 19th to 21st century texts?

If ‘Yes’, GCSE English would be the right course for you.

• Is your first language English or have you already achieved ESOL Level 1 qualifications?

• Do you need to improve your everyday English?

• Do you want to get better at reading newspaper articles, writing letters/e-mails and speaking more confidently?

If ‘Yes’, Functional Skills English (Entry Level to Level 2/GCSE equivalent) would be the right course for you.

• Are you a non-native English speaker?

• Do you need to improve your English to help you settle into the community and understand the culture?

• Do you want to be able to read, write speak and listen with more confidence?

• Do you want to learn essential language skills to properly communicate in English?

If ‘Yes’, ESOL (Pre-Entry to Level 2) would be the right course for you.

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