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For those who want to improve their English and Maths skills, it may be the case that a Functional Skills course is the right option for you. Our Functional Skills courses will improve your confidence with language and numbers and give you valuable knowledge that you can use in everyday life. These are fantastic qualifications to add to your CV, to help you either find employment or to move forward in your current line of work. You could also use a Functional Skills course as a stepping-stone to starting a GCSE course.

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Sutton College offers Functional Skills courses through the year, including intensive courses and year-long courses for those who prefer a steadier pace.

English Functional Skills

Maybe the thought of writing letters and emails or filling in forms fills you with dread. We have a wide range of English classes to cater for all levels from basic reading and writing right up to Level 2 Functional Skills.  Our specialist tutors will really help you to improve your reading, writing and speaking and listening skills and will in turn improve your confidence in everyday life and at work.

We have a wide range of classes that should suit everyone:

Steady Pace – all levels

We have a range of September start courses at all levels which are just once a week throughout the academic year for those who want to take their qualifications at a steady pace.

Intensive – Levels 1 and 2

These are classes for those who have more time to commit to their studies. They take place twice a week to enable you to achieve your qualifications in just a few months.

Fast Track Level 2

Our Fast Track January start courses are once a week for Level 2 learners who already have a good level of English and need their qualification with less guided learning hours.

We have a range of onsite and online provision.

View & apply for our Free English and Maths Functional Skills courses here

Our English Functional Skills courses are aimed at those whose first Language is English or those who have already gained an ESOL Level 1 qualification.  If you do not have either of these, we have a wide range of ESOL classes to cater for all needs and you can find out more at www.suttoncollege.ac.uk/esol

Sutton College also offers English and maths GCSE courses as well as booster and revision classes on different days and times to suit your needs.

Want to study English?

See below to establish which course is relevant for you.

GCSE English Language

Functional Skills English

English for Speakers of other languages (ESOL)

• Do you already have a good grasp of English but need to improve your knowledge of English to help you with your current job, future job or further studies?

• Do you have a genuine interest in exploring the way language is used?

• Do you have an interest in studying 19th to 21st century texts?

If ‘Yes’, GCSE English would be the right course for you.

• Is your first language English or have you already achieved ESOL Level 1 qualifications?

• Do you need to improve your everyday English?

• Do you want to get better at reading newspaper articles, writing letters/e-mails and speaking more confidently?

If ‘Yes’, Functional Skills English (Entry Level to Level 2/GCSE equivalent) would be the right course for you.

• Are you a non-native English speaker?

• Do you need to improve your English to help you settle into the community and understand the culture?

• Do you want to be able to read, write speak and listen with more confidence?

• Do you want to learn essential language skills to properly communicate in English?

If ‘Yes’, ESOL (Pre-Entry to Level 2) would be the right course for you.


Some of our English courses also give learners the opportunity to gain a City & Guilds Employability Skills qualification alongside your Functional Skills English qualification. This Employability Award will give you the skills and confidence to communicate effectively in the workplace.

In addition, this year we are introducing a new way to improve your English skills for those who lead busy lives and are possibly in full time employment.  Our “Lunchtime Learning” courses offer you the chance to either gain a Functional Skills Level 2 qualification, or simply brush up on areas of English that you feel you need to, such as Punctuation, Grammar or Spelling.  These courses are scheduled to take place at lunchtime, online for 1 hour per session in order for you to improve your skills at your desk at work or at home within your working day.

Once you have completed your English qualification, you may wish to improve your chances of finding employment by taking our Workskills course.  This course will help you to search and apply for jobs, create a great CV and improve your interview techniques.

Maths Functional Skills

Not all of us have great memories of studying Maths at school and the thought of returning to the classroom to study this subject again may fill some with fear! Tutors at Sutton College understand this and will use different methods to help you learn the rules of Maths and they will teach at a pace that suits your learning style. We all use Maths at some point each day, maybe if we are going shopping, or if we are doing some DIY, or cooking the evening meal. The skills you will learn on this course will help make all these tasks easier.

Some of our Maths course give students the opportunity to attend classes two times per week. This means you will be ready to take your exam sooner and move on to the next level and/or move forward in your career or further education plans.

Test your Maths Knowledge

If you’re not sure whether you should study Maths Functional Skills or Maths GCSE, you can try the PowerPoint exercises below which can help you get an idea of your level.

Maths Functional Skills Question Examples

Maths GCSE Question Examples

For an accurate appraisal of your level, apply for a Functional Skills Maths class and a member of staff will assess your ability and direct you to a suitable course.

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