ESOL Student Quotes

Quotes from ESOL Students who joined online courses in the summer term state the following about video sessions:

“It is a pleasure to attend my English course online. I feel that is much better than not learning and forgetting what I had learned before lockdown.” MK

“In my opinion, online lessons have helped me with my English. The lessons have been useful for me. For example: we have learned about online safety and coronavirus.” M

“I learned more new topics in the lesson .Our teacher encouraged us to try and practise in the lesson.Different methods were used in the lessons. Our teacher shared slides,videos,links and reading tasks with us. Sometimes we were divided into several smaller groups to discuss the group’s topic before we went back to the big classroom. It was helpful and gave me more opportunities to practise speaking skills. Although we couldn’t see everyone,we used audio and chat for conversation,it’s very useful.” YH

“When I speak in an online class and make mistakes, my teacher corrects me and teaches me the right way.
Also I am grateful for my teacher’s patience. She always teaches us in an absorbing, interesting and surprising way.” BM

“Thank Sutton College members of staff and managers for helping us in these circumstances. All my friends told me that I made progress this time through my conversation with them. I am also working on my IT skills which are poor. All thanks to my teacher for helping us to make further progress.” Maya K

“I will never forget this term because online lessons was the only way to communicate with other people. I am proud of myself for embracing the challenge of studying English online. I am proud for never giving up on working hard and always turning in my homework.” LF

“This course had helped me a lot ,especially during Lockdown. I have gained a lot from it; how to use google classroom, improve IT skills, and lots of new vocabulary.” BA

Students who have used google classroom state:

“Google classroom is the platform I use to do all my homework and give my opinion about the lessons. The teacher marks our work and she gives me her feedback about my progress on the course. Also she encourages us to achieve our goals.” LF

“I like Google classroom because it’s very useful for me and I can get in touch with the teacher. We receive written feedback via email which is good.” TI

“Google Classroom is a positive way to learn English at home.” MC

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