ESOL Student Quotes

“I’m really enjoying my course. I’ve met new friends and they will be part of my experience in the UK. I have to say thank you to my teacher because without her and her help I couldn’t make any progress. She always encourages and motivates me to do more and better than before. I’ve learned a lot of things which will be very important for my English and especially for my daily life. I’ve opened my mind to different and new cultures and people and it’s helped me to be more confident about myself and help other people. I’ve spent a great time in Sutton College and I’ll recommend this school to everyone! Thank you!”

“I think this course is very useful and helpful for my confidence. I have improve my speaking and my grammar.”

“This course is very useful to develop the skills and to improve the English knowledge.”

“It was a very good experience for me to be a student here. I met a lovely teacher and classmates and I enjoyed every single class. I am so proud of myself and more confident after this experience and I am convinced that every student who does courses at Sutton College feels the same.”

“This course is for me very excellent and important, I get lot of knowledge and skills to help me in my life.”

“I am very great full for this course, it has helped me achieve and progress with my English level as the teaching way is easy to understand, it’s very motivating and encourages me to continue learning.     My tutor’s supports gave me the confidence I needed, and she helped me on improving.”

“I ready start new level English language and later realise my dreams : teaching people cooking :) Thanks so much for your help.”

“I think after my course is my English much better and my confidence improve.”

“I enjoyed the course and learned lot of new vocabulary and new phrases. It is also for me opportunity to meet new people from different countries. Even though our English levels are different, the teacher can manage that the classes was interesting for all.”

“For me, I think this course is very excellent, because I improvements my English knowledge.”

“I made lot of improvement in this course. I am more confident now than I started the course. My speaking and Listening have improved.  Thank you to my teacher.”

“I think this course this course it’s good for me . I improve my English , my speaking and my writing.”

“I made lot of improvements with this course. I learnt different skills and increase a lot my vocabulary. I had the best teacher. I feel more confident now.”

“Very good course and very useful.”

“I enjoyed a lot to this course . It is very helpful and it was help me lot with my English.   I recommended this course is the best to learn English.”

“When you have a good teacher everything is easier than learning by yourself. If my teacher works hard, I think she deserves our respect like students. Now after this course I feel more confident and I can correct myself when I am saying something wrong. To want is a thing but to do is the key to your success! So I think everything is helpful in this College and I hope that more people will come to study here.”

“Excellent school and teacher, with a good organisation and lively courses.”

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