12 May 2010- First College Management Team

14 May 2010

Having read the minutes of the previous Supervisors and Managers meeting it was clear to me that I needed to engage this group in shaping the future of SCOLA.
I enjoyed planning the session in the short period of time I had to plan it. It felt wonderful looking for resources in order to conduct the College Management Team meeting in a different way and I am glad that colleagues were so receptive of the creative leadership I am beginning to introduce at SCOLA.
There is such talent, dedication and a great deal of energy at the College and my challenge is to allow it to flourish and to find a way to tap into this great resource.
I received excellent feedback from the team and glad to sense that there is a feeling of positive energy and hope amongst them. We need all the positivity we can get in order to be ready to face the challenges ahead of us! So glad my lesson planning skills have not left me completely. I guess once a teacher always a teacher?!

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